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For your peace of mind, we offer two types of overdraft protection to lessen your worry about overdrawing your Apple Checking account.

Signature Line of Credit

Add a low, variable-rate Signature Line of Credit to your Checking account for added security. Draw on the funds as needed, then repay gradually, with minimal monthly payments. When coupled with a Checking account, funds are automatically transferred from your Line to Credit to your Checking account in the event you've reached or exceeded the money available.

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Overdraft Privilege (ODP)

Overdraft Privilege is a value-added service designed to help you avoid the embarrassment of bounced checks or insufficient funds when you make an honest mistake balancing your checkbook, have unplanned expenses or run short on cash between paydays.

Overdraft Privilege provides you with:

  • Convenient Coverage should you ever mistake the amount of funds in your account and write a check or make a debit card charge, ATM withdrawal or ACH debit in excess of your available balance
  • Protection against the inconvenience of a returned check and the merchant fees applied for such a misstep
  • Peace-of-Mind knowing that Apple understands your busy life.

Should an overdraft ever occur, ODP will allow you to complete your transaction. Apple, at its sole discretion, will pay the item(s) up to the authorized Overdraft Privilege limit and charge the account the Credit Union’s standard Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)/ODP fee of $29 for each item that overdraws the account.

Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.

Checking account can’t remain negative for more than 30 days or Checking account balance must be made positive every 30 days.

Circumstances under which we will not pay an overdraft:
We will not pay an overdraft under the following circumstances:

  • Your account is not in good standing
  • ATM and Point of Sale transactions if you have not opted in to their payment and fee
Overdraft Privilege Opt-In

Complete the form below and reduce the chance for declined transactions and the potential for multiple merchant fees.