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Is Finding a Real Estate Agent on Your To-Do List

Presented by HomeAdvantage®

Selecting the right real estate professional can make all the difference in your home buying and selling experience. Here are 3 to-dos to ensure you choose the best one:

Get to know your agent
A good agent will take the time to understand your goals and priorities. Which means, if you are buying, they won't waste time on properties that don't meet your criteria. If you are selling, they will know exactly at what price you need to list your home and how to protect your best interests.

Find an agent who understands the local market
Whether you are buying or selling, choosing an agent with expertise in your specific market will give you an edge when it comes to pricing, marketing, finding that tucked away neighborhood, or knowing about a house that is about to be listed.

Choose an agent who rewards
As an Apple member, you have free access to our online HomeAdvantage® program and its network of experienced, hand-picked real estate agents. When you use one of these agents to buy or sell (or both), you qualify for Cash Rewards saving you $100s to $1,000s at closing!

Ensure your home buying or selling experience is a good one. Connect with one of our trusted HomeAdvantage agents today. These hand-picked agents are fully licensed professionals who are committed to helping you find and finance the house of your dreams.

*The HomeAdvantage program, along with its features and benefits, is available to you through a joint relationship between Apple FCU and CU Realty Services. In order to earn a rebate, buyers and sellers must use one of the real estate agents listed in the approved agent network. Rebate amounts will vary depending on the price of the house sold or purchased, and the commissions paid out to the agent. Rebates are available in most states. Please consult with Apple's HomeAdvantage expert to get details that may affect you.